Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dancing to Happy

For the past year, the speed of my life has jumped a bit faster than I normally strive for. I wouldn’t call it overdrive, but I have ventured into that lane from time to time. I have wondered if this is the universe testing me. If so, how am I doing? Let’s just say, I’m getting used to the pace. Some things are in my control, some things are not, some things are fun, and some things definitely are not. It's a choice. Rather than fight it, I am learning to go with the flow, as if I am in slow motion when everything else is zipping by me. I’ve found this visualization does wonders for me personally. It actually reminds me that I have control over how I look at things. It reminds me to slow down, to take time-out for myself, to find the fun in whatever I’m doing, fun or not! When I’m in slow-mo, I find a sense of happy. 

Summer finds us outside with many activities to add to our usual year-round gotta-dos. As I look at those not so fun activities, I am striving to not let them take me down this summer. For example, the other day I spent six hours on yard projects. These were some of the not so fun activities I was talking about. I decided I needed more inspiration than listening to the lovely chatter of birds; I needed a lift in my day. On go my ear buds and I plugged into music with a beat. Tunes that made we want to dance and sing my way around the yard, which I did.

While the neighbors may have wondered what the heck I was doing, they may have actually thought, “Gee, Michelle looks like she is having a blast!” Six hours later, I dislodged the music from my head with a smile on my face. It’s interesting the number of people who have mentioned to me how fast their lives are moving these days, so it’s not just me. Whether it’s some cosmic, universe testing thing or not, we all need to find a way to dance around the yard. Can this really make us happy? It sure could help!

You may have noticed I haven’t posted weekly this month. I usually take summer off from posting, but instead I will just slow the rate of posts a bit.  Going forward into summer you will hear from me from time to time. I’m going to remind you to find your fun, find your slow-mo, dial it down, get out of overdrive, and strive for happy. Don’t let summer take you down. Here’s a little ditty that is bound to make you smile. There you go, I know you can do it. Let Pharrell Williams show you how...


Enjoy a happy summer. 

Dancing in the sunset photo courtesy of Giovanni

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pounding Dirt

Gardening is always therapeutic whether I am pounding dirt, as my dear friend Phyllis calls it, or drawing-in the nurturing aspects of it. In times of trouble, anger, confusion, I could go on here, pounding dirt has saved me from myself.

What I know for sure is this, pounding dirt is a grounding form of therapy, and may just bring on a good ache. I consider it releasing the mental to the physical. With focus and gritty determination, get out there and pound some dirt! I guarantee whatever was bothering you prior to the dirt pounding will subside.
Dirt #2 photo courtesy of Tim Samoff