Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rising to the Top

During the past year, it has been difficult to find continuity and balance within all the changes that keep taking place in my life. Like cream rising to the top, I visualize rising to the top of the new normal, whatever it may be.

My health, or lack thereof at times, is not something I dwell on. While it is part of me at all times, I go about my life and do things for the sake of my health. Eating well and keeping my body in shape are extremely important, and something I take very seriously. But there are times when my body has a mind of its own, even with all my well-intentioned efforts.

It was twenty years ago last month I had my first resection with full abdominal incision. I was quite ill prior to the surgery and it took me months to get on top of all that had happened. While they told me I would have eight to ten years before I would need another surgery, I was surprised when, like clockwork, I began having issues. Fast forward to the last ten years, I’ve been dealing off and on with active Crohn’s disease. With all the new medications, protocols and damn determination on my part, I was able to hold off surgery until now.

In March, after two and a half years on Humira injections with everything calm, I quite suddenly began having problems. An MRI showed something was amiss. This time we were on top of things before my health declined. My doctors were able to do an exploratory laparoscopic resection, a “search and rescue” of sorts, and they only needed to make a few punctures in my abdomen. Although, they did remove my right ascending colon, six inches of small intestine, resected the small intestine to the above transverse colon, and oh, removed my gallbladder that had stones. Most of this involvement centered around one of the areas previously resected, which is quite common. Note, while the Humira has done wonders for the rest of my gut, it does not repair damaged tissue. Not to worry, though, my new hook-up may just do the trick, along with the new medications that keep inflammation down, and my continued determination.

My how times have changed. I was home in five days as opposed to ten last time, and I actually feel pretty good, but I know I need to be extra vigilant and take it easy. A five-pound lifting limit will keep me in line. And anyone who has had abdominal surgery knows, NO VACUUMING allowed. See, there is a bright spot in everything that happens!

I find it interesting when I see my last post on walking. You see, the best thing for abdominal surgery recovery is walking, and I am doing that and then some a number of times a day, rain or shine. Along with the walking therapy, I continue to focus on the positive. As I wake each morning, I visualize cream, rising to the top of a beautiful crystal goblet. This image follows me throughout my day. But, here's my secret, I am the cream rising to the top of my new normal. When I get there, I hope you don't mind if I make a splash!

Cream Drop photo courtesy of Kyle May

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