Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanks and Giving

I feel as if the holiday season sort of tiptoed in on me this year. Of course I knew it was coming, but with being out of the country for five weeks, then coming home only to have my husband then me come down with a sinus cold, which took up the better part of three weeks to get over, I now find myself staring at the end of the year and holiday season.

I make an effort to keep the holidays in perspective. I no longer try and make everyone happy. That never worked for me. As a matter of fact, it only made me sick, crazy, and unhappy, so what’s the point? Over the last few years, I’ve chosen to not get caught up in the frenzy of the holidays, that means I don’t always spend time with family and friends based on what holiday it is. I would rather give time to others when the time is right for all parties. And yes I understand the significance of family gatherings any time of the year, but personally I would rather not come in contact with a large group of people during cold and flu season.

I would rather focus on what matters-letting people know I am thankful they are in my life. How many people actually tell you that? While it may be understood, there’s nothing like saying it. This holiday season, make it a point to tell the friends or family that matter the most to you that you are thankful they are in you life. Send it in an email, write it in a card, call them on the phone, whisper in their ear, or look them in the eyes. What's important is that they know how you feel, and that truly is the best of the best in giving.

Whether the holidays have tiptoed or shoehorned their way into your life, don't let your feelings be just understoodJust understood is easier than actually putting heartfelt sentiments into words. This holiday season step outside your comfort zone and share how you feel with a few simple words: I am thankful you are in my life. It’s that simple, but means oh so much. And if you have a cold or the flu, do your family and friends a favor-stay home! Giving during the holidays should not include a cold or the flu.
II photo courtesy of Marina Montoya

Monday, November 9, 2015

Packing Your Patience

In the last few years my husband, Dennis, and I have done quite a bit of traveling. One thing is for certain, not everything goes as planned. While I hope most things will go smoothly, I know there will be times when I must rely on my patience to see me through. And to tell you the truth, it can be easier said than done.

Before I hold-in my feelings and seethe, or explode and lose all sense of, well, sense in the moment, I remind myself to take a big breath followed by another, and another, and as many more breaths as necessary, before I react. There is something quite soothing about oxygen at an unsettling time. It’s interesting to me how inhaling large amounts of oxygen and focusing on my breathing slowly clears my head and brings on a sense of calm. It is within the calmness when I can be of assistance to the moment and be rational. Lately I have added quiet humming to my patience repertoire and it, too, brings on calmness and a sense of peace, although it may unnerve the people around me. Oh well! Better a calm sensible me, I’d say.

Before I head out the door for a trip, I will remind Dennis and myself to pack our patience. It’s a reminder that patience will see us through, and the two of us can figure out whatever comes our way. Bringing attention to the word patience may be a subtle reminder but it gives strength to the word and becomes more available to me when I need it.

Packing my patience for traveling and seeing the positive impact it has made has helped me focus more on patience in my daily life. The more I focus on patience the more it becomes a habit. I find patience with others is easier than patience with myself. But that’s okay; I’m learning more about the positive impact of patience in my life, and know I’m worth being patient for. I pack my patience along with me everyday. When was the last time you considered packing patience into your day? The next time you are sitting in traffic, try focusing on your breathing, or better yet hum a little tune over and over. Here a hum, there a hum, everywhere a hum-hum. Ah, don’t you feel better?
Patiently waiting photo courtesy of Clark family archives

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome Back!

Since my last post was dated September 20, it’s time for me to explain where the heck I’ve been. In the past I have always let you know when I was taking a break from posting, so I apologize for seemingly falling off the face of the earth. Instead of taking the summer off this year I chose to post every other week throughout the summer and into fall. This worked well for me and it kept me in touch with you. I had even planned to continue this posting interval while I was on vacation. What I hadn’t planned on was extremely slow Internet issues in Italy making it difficult to send email at times let alone trying to set up a blog post. That being said, I’m back to my weekly musings and I would like to welcome you to my sixth year of blogging.

I must say, I have missed you and my head is full of so many posts that I could burst. There will be changes and surprises in the year ahead and I can’t wait to share them. As always, if you enjoy this blog or a particular post, email it to a friend, blog, tweet, share, or recommend it. In this way you are sharing the It Is What It Is love and helping to inspire others. Thank you for continuing to follow along.

With love,

Photo courtesy of Clark family archives