Thursday, December 23, 2021

Have a Mindful Holiday

My gift to you this year has been to focus fully on mindfulness. I hope you have found some sense of peace and that it has opened the door for you to fully embrace mindfulness and explore on your own as you’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. 

Just because it’s the end of year holiday season doesn’t mean you need to allow the holidays to take over. Don’t forget about what it is you have learned to this point. Here’s a few mindful tips if it all gets to be too much thinking and doing...

  • Breathe, then breathe again
  • Ground yourself in your senses
  • Find peace in nature
  • Fill yourself with patience as it is a foundation of mindfulness
  • Consider your thoughts, feelings, and actions by asking yourself why and learning something along the way
  • Find the gaps and create more space
  • Less is more so keep it simple
  • Self-care first, and then be and do for others with more energy
  • Hum your way through the days ahead
  • Focus fully on whatever you are doing
  • Observe and listen to others through your new lens of mindfulness
  • Do everything with love and gratitude and it will come back to you in strange and mysterious ways

Cheers to a year of mindfulness! I am so proud of you!!!

Stay safe and be well,

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