Friday, June 15, 2018

Embracing Imperfection

There are many cultures around the world that purposefully damage their manmade crafts in some small way to symbolize the imperfection of life. It took me a good portion of my life to fully embrace this imperfection idea. That being said, I found out there is a minor error on the cover of my recently released book. The importance of a perfect cover in the publishing world is a big deal as it speaks to the quality of the work, but all I can say is It Is What It Is, and it is an easy fix. That's the beauty of print-on-demand publishing. Although, you may find you are are not able to purchase it for a day or two - but not to worry.

This Just In...
My first book reviews for It Is What It Is, An Inspired Guide to Transforming Your Life are now showing up on Amazon! I have also added them to the Book Buzz page in the tabs above. AND Amazon is currently offering my book at 20% off list price, something they do for new authors from time to time. You should note, I have no idea how long the price drop will be in effect. And who knows, maybe someday that first printed book cover may be more valuable!

On a personal note...
Once It Is What It Is was officially available, I felt a quiet excitement and stillness envelope me that I’m still full of three weeks later. Perhaps it’s a huge universal embrace and an outpouring of the gratitude I feel. All I know is that it is something I physically feel like an extended goosebumps moment While I don’t know where any of this book business is going, I’m satisfied that my gift to the universe is finally available. Even though there is an error on the cover, I still feel the quiet excitement and stillness - that's just how I roll these days.

In the book release post, I mentioned how you can help share the love by becoming part of my marketing team. On that note, there have been a couple suggestions from blog followers and I thought I should pass them along to you:
  • Donate It Is What It Is to local libraries
  • Create a buzz of your own by stopping in at area book stores, show them the book, tell them about it, order copies, see if they might be interested in carrying it.
These are great suggestions and I will follow through on my end as I travel from town to town. If you have any ideas for sharing this book with others, please let me know.

I often feel as if the universe is testing me over and over again. I've come to terms with that by being my best self and not letting things get to me. It's just not worth it - ever! When I initially found out about the cover, I could feel my body letting go of the moment as I let out a big breath. Ironic was the first word that came to mind and I could feel a smile forming as I shook my head and the next words formed - It Is What It Is! I'm going to make sure I keep this edition of the cover to remind me how important embracing imperfection is.


Butterfly at Cloudtop photo courtesy of Glenn Scoffield Williams