Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Running Up Hills

Last fall I had a soft tissue injury in my foot that kept me from running for six weeks. Recently, I had a cold that, once again, kept me from running. Now, I am hitting the pavement once more, but backing off my normal pace and mileage until I am fit enough to push ahead once again.

I’ve learned many things from my years of running. What I am focusing on now is getting back to small steps. It was small steps that propelled me up the hills around my home when I first began. While my legs might scream, or my endurance lag, it is taking those smaller, quicker steps that get me to the top of the hill.

I love the challenge of hills, and would much rather run up a hill than run flat. As I was out running, taking my smaller, quicker steps today, I was thinking what a metaphor smaller steps really could be for many things challenging us. It’s much easier to not push forward, to not make necessary changes, to run on the flats. While my journey through life takes me up many hills, I take pleasure by pushing forward one small step at a time. I know, by taking small steps, I will make it to the top of whatever hill or challenge is in front of me. It’s not easy getting back in the swing of things, doing what you should do, or making the necessary changes to push forward once again. Just don’t get caught up in the hill in front of you, or the one after that. Grab your shoes and hit the pavement one small step at a time. You can do it. I'm right there beside you.

Running shoes photo courtesy of luiginter

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fling Into Spring

Spring officially begins Thursday, March 20 at 9:57 a.m., PDT! Yay! Even though I am currently gazing at the fourth day this month with an inch or more of rain, the first day of spring marks a change. The temperatures will continue to gradually warm, and we will have fewer days of cold rain as we march forward into the heart of spring.

Last week, as I contemplated bursting forth into spring, and the lack of feeling any kind of spring fever whatsoever, I decided to fling myself into spring. With a fling in mind, I bought a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers for moi. I probably don’t purchase flowers nearly enough, but I was compelled to embrace a riot of color, as opposed to unending shades of grey. The bouquet has improved my outlook beyond the gloom of winter, and put a smile on my face. This simple declaration has inspired me to continue to fling throughout the spring. How will I fling:
  • Purchase a posy, or two. Why stop at one bouquet?
  • Join in the fun of an old time musical like Music Man. I’ll be singing the song list for weeks!
  • Road trip! I'll hit the road, visit friends, and visit family. It will be an adventure!
  • Experience live dance theatre, and marvel at the human body in motion.
  • Meet someone special for brunch, lunch, or dinner out-and-about, and try someplace new.
These are just some of the things I plan to fling into this spring. I believe the whole fling thing is related to leaving my winter shell behind and celebrating fun things, new things, and having them to look forward to throughout the season. Considering spring flinging first and foremost will help me continue to smile all the way into summer. So, how will you fling this spring?

Smile! photo courtesy of Sean Jackson

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Chick on the Block!

We have officially moved closer to spring by springing time forward an hour this past weekend. Because it takes me time to adjust, I'm not fond of the whole loss of an hour each spring. Although, I seem to have no problem falling back when the time comes. I have a strong feeling my body prefers standard time. But, what can I do?

I can look at this springing of time as a proclamation of renewal each year. Spring is truly right around the corner. After the dark, cold and wet days of winter, I am ready for a change! Since I’m just getting over a cold, I am even more ready to feel some warmth burst forth from the amazing golden orb in the sky. With the longer days and the warmth of the sun, a whole cycle of renewal begins again. As buds, forming on trees, swell and erupt in a profusion of flowers and leaves, and frogs and various birds proclaim the virtues of this annual celebration, I want to stretch and yawn my way out of my winter shell, like a newborn chick.

I may have lost an hour, but I want to be a part of the celebration. It is up to me to embrace this time of renewal and leave the dark, cold and wet days of winter behind. It is up to me to proclaim my song and announce that there is a new chick on the block! Look out world as I burst forth into spring.

Hatched photo courtesy of marionima

Monday, March 3, 2014

Bubble of Silence

The first Friday in March, sundown-to-sundown, is the National Day of Unplugging. Experience what a true day of rest can be by turning off your cell phone and all computer devices that  plug you into todays world. I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing Facebook and Twitter will continue without you for one day. Why bother? Creating a bubble of silence is about reconnecting with a less plugged in YOU.

I will unplug and go about my day with the freedom of no distractions. Actually, I do this on occasion anyway. Unplugging reminds me it is okay to take control and tune out from time to time. Join those throughout the world who are unplugging and reconnecting by creating a bubble of silence beginning sundown, March 7.

I Unplug photo courtesy of Alex Pang