Monday, November 29, 2010

Relief for the Eyes-Wide-Shut-Syndrome!

Just exactly what is the eyes-wide-shut-syndrome? I would describe this as not seeing what is right in front of you. We are all so busy with everything and anything⎯we do not realize we have fallen into this blind pattern of living. We do not take the time to be more aware of what we may be seeing or even feeling. We have forgotten how to bring awareness into our lives.

I define awareness as a state of consciousness. Something many of us seem to have little of these days⎯we do not make space for awareness. I know, who has time to make space, right? But if you are not aware, it is like going through life with your eyes closed⎯thus, eyes-wide-shut-syndrome. Anyone in this condition would be missing a lot and probably making some bad decisions along the way. I am making a point to allow space for awareness in my life and finding it is not all that difficult to do.

In dealing with health issues and life issues over the past few years, I am discovering a sense of peace amidst the storm of everyday living by creating more awareness in my life. The one common element to creating awareness is simply making a point to pay attention to what I am feeling, doing, thinking and saying. This one simple step has changed how I go about living my life. It slows me down and helps me focus. I am finding I can be a better person to others and myself by being more aware. Putting emphasis on paying attention doesn’t cost a thing and takes a split second to do. So now you don’t need to worry about scheduling awareness into your day⎯just do it.

Creating awareness takes practice. It seems the more focus you give it, the easier it gets. Although, when you take away the focus, it is just as easy to slip back to your old eyes-wide-shut ways. And that is going to happen, but you can quickly remedy the blindness you create. Make space⎯create awareness⎯find peace!

Here are three ideas to get you started:
  1. If you are trying to do a number of things at the same time⎯stop⎯focus on one thing. You will find you not only get more done, you do a better job!
  2. You are sitting in traffic and fuming⎯stop⎯pay attention to what you are feeling and thinking then ask yourself if it’s worth the fuming.
  3. You are about to say something you probably shouldn’t even think about saying⎯stop⎯by bringing awareness to what you are about to say, you will find yourself choosing your words a bit more carefully or not saying anything at all.
Feel free to share a few of your own thoughts on this topic…

 Copyright 2010 Michelle Clark
Special thanks to Andrew Bossi for the eyes picture