Sunday, September 30, 2012

October: I Intend to Encourage Others

We can all use a kick in the butt to get us moving in right direction. For whatever reason, at times we get lost and make the wrong choices. Maybe, we just need the proper motivation. This month, my full attention will be on the intention to encourage others⎯be it family, friend or foe, or perhaps the occasional stranger thrown in for good measure.

A few years ago, as I was parking at a grocery store, I happened to notice the person pulling into a space in front of me. As I hopped out of my car, I flashed this elderly gentleman a smile⎯as if to say hello, I notice you are there. He immediately ran around his truck in my direction and said, “Thank you, I needed that smile today.” He proceeded to tell me about his wife being ill and that he had to keep an eye on the young man traveling with him. It all seemed to be such a chore for this elderly gentleman. When he stopped telling me his story I said, “How fortunate for this young man that he has you, and enjoy the rest of your day sir.” I went about doing my grocery shopping. As I was heading down an aisle, I see the elderly gentleman poke his head around the corner at the other end. He ran down the aisle toward me with his young man in tow and said, “Thank you, I hadn’t thought of it that way!”

It just goes to show how just a few simple words of encouragement may gently or not so gently:
  • Transform a thought
  • Make a difference
  • Change an attitude
  • Alter a course
  • Modify a behavior
  • Build confidence
  • Adjust a mindset
  • Save a life…
This month I plan on highlighting the intention of encouraging others as I wake each morning. Perhaps the moment will present itself at some point in the day, or maybe I’ll pick the person I want to encourage as the intention crosses my mind in the morning. However it happens, a few encouraging words in the right direction just may inspire someone to move in the right direction. Let an encouraging word highlight your day as you help me kick some butt this month.
Kick Butt photo courtesy of teeejayy