Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking Both Ways

A few months ago, a man driving a truck ran into my husband, Dennis, as he walked across a busy intersection. He was in a crosswalk, walking at the appropriate time, when a driver turning left failed to yield the right-of-way. Dennis was hit on the side of his right knee, flew up onto the hood of the truck and slammed his right hand into the hood; the driver of the truck hit the brakes and Dennis slid back off the hood landing on his feet. Other than being a bit shook-up, Dennis was fine. His right hand ached a bit, but there was nothing broken and no bruising. Amazing⎯yes, miracle⎯definitely!

Did Dennis look both ways as he entered the intersection? Did the driver? Life moves at a rapid pace. In a split-second everything can change. We are all so busy all of the timewe lose focus and don’t pay attention to the world around us anymore. We get so used to doing whatever it is, we no longer can remember if we even thought of looking both ways. We need to quit paying attention to everything else and focus on what it is we are doing right NOW. A focused life is a much better way to live.
  • It puts emphasis on every minute of every day
  • It makes whatever you are doing a priority
  • It centers you
It really isn’t hard to do, and is somewhat a relief from the rapid pace we get sucked into. When you are centered⎯you feel less rushed. When you feel less rushed⎯you pay more attention. The fact my Dennis was able to walk away from something that could have had dire consequences is nothing less than a miracle. But it reminds me, and should remind everyone, to simply slow down and always look both ways. Pay attention to the world around you. Commit to living a more focused life. Become your best self and focus on NOW. Looking both ways could be your new metaphor to a more centered life. Think on that⎯you may save a life, and who knows, it may just be your own.
Look Both Ways photo courtesy of J. Mazzola