Sunday, October 13, 2013

Looking Up

I have had a tendency to look ahead, side-to-side, and down in order to watch where I am going. These days I am looking up more and more. Looking up is not just about improving my prospects. When I am looking up, I am taking in the whole of the world around me. Like most kids, I enjoyed lying in the grass and watching the clouds go by as I tried to figure out what shapes were being made. I still do, but

Now I look up to...
  • Stretch my neck and elongate my spine
  • Greet the day
  • Watch the fog, rain, snow or whatever Mother Nature has to offer
  • Observe birds, bats and insects
  • Take note of man-made flying activity
  • Celebrate the moment
Looking up…
  • Gives me a new perspective
  • Causes me to pause and take note
  • Reminds me of peace
  • Makes me smile

I mentioned looking up not being just about improving my prospects, because looking up refines my vision of the world around me, and my place in it. Looking up is a choice, a choice we all have. Choose to look up and give yourself a new perspective. Are those poodles on parade I see?

Summer is over and Fall has returned. I am once again back to my weekly postings. When I left you last I was concentrating on my book. While I am not exactly jumping for joy as planned, the book is a bit closer to realization. I will continue to Get It Done one way or another. I’ve missed you and I look forward to my fourth year of blogging. As we move forward, if you enjoy this blog or a particular post, email it to a friend, blog, tweet, share or recommend it. It's all about spreading the love!

Sky 2 photo courtesy of Dennis Hill