Monday, November 4, 2013

Puzzling Moves

Next spring marks the twentieth year in our home. Over the past few years, my husband, Dennis, and I have been talking about where our next home might be located. We also discuss whether it will be a house, condominium, townhouse or who knows what. We have no clear path to what the answer is to any of those questions. What we do know is this⎯it will be smaller, and it will be sooner rather than later. 

When we first moved into our home, we planned on being here twenty years. My how time flies. With our love and sweat poured into this place of ours, we have improved the house and the five surrounding acres, and have made it into what it is today. We still enjoy the peaceful location, the home itself, and the land, but our hearts are not into it as much as they once were. Maintaining it has now become more of a burden than a joy. When you find yourself saying, I would rather, more often than not, it’s time to reevaluate.

It has been frustrating to think about moving, so we don’t. It’s like having a pile of puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together. Recently, I had the realization⎯we aren’t ready to move. As in, if we are going to downsize, we need to start shedding and eliminating. In other words, we have too many puzzle pieces⎯we need to purge and clear a path forward! While we aren’t keepers of all things, and we get rid of stuff on a regular basis, we need to go deeper and get rid of the pieces that will not fit into the next space of our lives, whatever that may be. We will prepare for the possibility.

Currently, we are both of the mindset⎯we are moving! This thought alone is freeing and will help us move forward. I firmly believe, when we are ready, we will know it. Then we will be able to answer the questions we have been going round and round about, and the remaining pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. In other words, when we are ready, the path will clear and something will come up and be just right for our needs. We’ll know.

Can you trust in the unknown? Can you develop a forward mindset and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together without knowing what it looks like? Can you find a way to your path? Can you trust, by simply moving forward, the answers will come? When your heart is not in it, whatever it is, it is time to reevaluate, purge and move forward. You’ll know. Prepare for the possibility.

Puzzled path photo courtesy of Magnus Akselvoll