Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random Thoughts - Words

Every once in awhile, I hear a word or saying I haven’t heard in years that makes me smile. I always find myself thinking we should use the word or saying more often, if only to break the monotony of everyday words, or to make you or someone else smile. That being said, randomness in thought and conversation can be artfully used throughout ones day. Here are some of my favorites:

Humdinger                Shiver Me Timbers              Gadzooks                     Hoot                       Gobbledygook             lollygag         jabber                    Cockamamie
Lickety-split      Gee Whiz       Shape Up Or Ship Out           Holy Cow

Just for grins       Jiminie Cricket's        Persnickety    geez Louise 

                 jeepers creepers         Doesn't that just beat all

In an attempt to artfully randomize my word-speak: I will do my best to come up with a humdinger of a word once in a while as I jabber my way through my posts. That will be better than a cockamamie idea or a bunch of gobbledygook, don't you think?  It’ll be a hoot! Now don’t be persnickety, and see what you can do instead of just lollygagging around your word-speak.

Doesn't that just make you smile?
Words photo courtesy of Pierre Metivier