Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome Back!

Since my last post was dated September 20, it’s time for me to explain where the heck I’ve been. In the past I have always let you know when I was taking a break from posting, so I apologize for seemingly falling off the face of the earth. Instead of taking the summer off this year I chose to post every other week throughout the summer and into fall. This worked well for me and it kept me in touch with you. I had even planned to continue this posting interval while I was on vacation. What I hadn’t planned on was extremely slow Internet issues in Italy making it difficult to send email at times let alone trying to set up a blog post. That being said, I’m back to my weekly musings and I would like to welcome you to my sixth year of blogging.

I must say, I have missed you and my head is full of so many posts that I could burst. There will be changes and surprises in the year ahead and I can’t wait to share them. As always, if you enjoy this blog or a particular post, email it to a friend, blog, tweet, share, or recommend it. In this way you are sharing the It Is What It Is love and helping to inspire others. Thank you for continuing to follow along.

With love,

Photo courtesy of Clark family archives