Friday, January 8, 2016

Time for a Change

Last year my word or theme for the year was simplicity. Simplicity was a struggle for me as it seemed the universe had its own idea and decided to throw complicated my way. But I held fast to my word as it reminded me to look for simplicity in the complicated. In this way I was able to gain small but significant improvements in my outlook on the complicated. Simplicity guided me to break down what was seemingly complicated into something more manageable. While simplicity was a challenge, it was preparing me for 2016, the year of change.

Change can definitely be complicated and challenging, but with change comes hopefulness and optimism. I feel all my previous words or themes have led me to this point, this year of change. Even saying the word brings me joy because I know change is meant for me this year. I will be challenging myself through the changes I will embark on throughout 2016. With this change my path forward will be wide open with nothing holding me back. Change will refine, revise, reshape, and redesign my future.

I will not only welcome change, I will embrace it, envelop it, support it, and embody it. With such a powerful word for the year I probably do not need to remind myself of it, but I will in order to infuse it into each and every day of 2016. As I begin each day I will renew and refresh my word by whispering it as I wake, hear it speak to me as I go about my day, and watch it fade from my lips as I fall asleep at night.

The last time I was this excited about my word/theme was when it all began with the year of me (which happened to last 3 years by the way). What will your word/theme be for 2016? What will refine, revise, reshape, and redesign you? Follow me on a challenging year of change and feel the hopefulness and optimism change can be.
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