Sunday, May 15, 2016

My New Normal

Now that we are officially houseless and making our way as we live a life on the road, it is time to evaluate my new normal. Physically and mentally I know I do best when I have a sense of balance and routine in my life-most people do. While on vacation, well, I'm on vacation and the routine goes out the window. Since I'm not on vacation, and traveling is how I live now, it is probably even more important to create some semblance of balance by maintaining a routine. In other words, a sense of normal. Simple is always the best approach so here’s what I am focusing on:

  • Meditate and set the pace of my day
  • Make it a point to have a consistent sleep schedule and catch the 8 hours I need
  • Stay hydrated, and eat healthy meals
  • Keep my body in shape by continuing to include what used to be my "normal" workout routines: run/walk, lift weights, yoga, stretching, and a few laps in a pool now and then

I may have to be creative in keeping to these goals, but in creativity I may find something else I can do to help my body thrive under ever-changing circumstances. For example: I have been lifting weights for nearly 30 years. But traveling with dumbbells is obviously not possible and joining gyms everywhere we go is not the answer, so I purchased resistance bands of varying strengths. These pack into a small pouch and don't take up much room or add weight to the suitcase. While I have just started working with the bands, I am enjoying the change and know it will help me stick to my new normal and thrive.

By focusing on what I know I need to do and keeping it as simple as I can, I will be successful in keeping myself in the best of health and enjoy my new normal to the fullest. Are you thinking about making a positive change in your life? If so, keep it simple, be creative, and you, too, will be successful.
3D world map courtesy of kcp4911