Thursday, October 28, 2021

Meditation Practice 1 Say Ah

The word meditation means different things to different people. It can be a connection to a deeper faith or realm, but that may sound just too woo-woo for you. And that right there may stop you from even trying. So, let's just keep it simple! Look at meditation as a universal form of expression, an extension of your breathing/self-care practice, and a way to relax your mind and your body. Then see where that takes you. Don’t ask any more from it other than showing up and seeing what happens. Let it evolve for you and with you.

  • As with your breathing practice, find a comfortable quiet space to be. I prefer sitting on a mat or rug and crossing my legs in what's called a lotus pose when doing my meditating. It allows more freedom of movement for the expansion of my lungs, and the leg crossing provides balance and a feeling of being grounded. But this is your practice so find your happy place and begin.
  • If you are sitting, rest your hands on your lap, your knees, or on your stomach if you are lying down. We will discuss hand positioning techniques in another post. Tuck your chin slightly, relax your jaw, and allow your eyelids to lightly close. Take three or more deep breaths welcoming the natural flow of your breath and allow your mind to relax. If a thought flows by, allow it to do just that, flow by and come back to your breath.
  • Remember breathing practice 6 and humming? When you are ready, inhale as deep as you can. Instead of humming as you exhale, say ah out loud slowly until you no longer have air to say ah with. Breathe slowly in and repeat ah for at least 10 minutes adding more time each day if you can. I find a soft, loud ah is best rather than a harsh, forced, loud AHHHHH!
  • Focus on the ah sound during your entire practice. Feel it vibrate from your breath through your entire body the longer you continue this exercise. You will find there will be no mind-wandering ways as there will be no room because you are filling the void with pure ah.
  • If you are familiar with singing, what note are you ah-ing in? I’m a C and I find I generally go back to that same sound each time. Play with the sound until you hit on the right one for you as it will be effortless, and satisfying.
  • Continue to do this exercise at least once per day, preferably morning and evening if you can. You will find the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be while doing it. The more comfortable you are, the more you will want to return to this space. 
  • Remember, you are just showing up. No expectations. No right or wrong way.

If you are having difficulty with this exercise or haven’t been following through with your breathing practice lately, I invite you to review breathing and mindfulness exercises for a few days then try this one again until it feels right for you.

Take care,