Monday, January 31, 2022

Positive Feedback

Last year I published 17 posts specifically around my word theme of mindfulness. It was a how-to guide breaking down many aspects of bringing mindfulness to the present. Mind you, pun intended, it was just a beginning, but it made a difference to several of my dear readers. Most often comments to me centered around realizing various things about themselves they had never thought about. Then there are comments such as these: 

 “I love this one, in fact after about the 6th one (breath) I felt like I was swinging back and forth. I have experienced this feeling often when I lay down and close my eyes totally relaxed. Thanks Michelle.” 2/4/21

“Thank you for this latest post. I have been doing the deep breathing every day and I believe it has helped a great deal. Since I have COPD I think my breathing is better and am able to do more walking, house work, gardening or carrying more than one item at a time. I feel more limber doing my exercises since my falling incident. I'll be doing these (breathing exercises) as long as I can.” 5/11/21

“Your postings have been on my mind during the past year and find myself really listening more and realizing what my friends and even family are going through during this pandemic and aging. We all need to talk to each other and feel that someone is listening and offering understanding and compassion. Thank you for opening my eyes to see what is going on around me in this offbeat nutty time. Send more and I will be reading and listening.” 9/22/21

“During the last 12 months of the year I have become more tolerant of things that used to bother me and have more peace of mind. I take things as they come because to me that is the way of things in my life. No stress, just accept the present as is. Let annoyances go, accept and deal with them as best I can.” 12/26/21

I value and appreciate all of your comments. Many times I simply hit the post button and away it goes off into the universe with the hope something I've said helps someone. It's nice to know you are listening. Thank you!

While my word this year is grow, all previous word themes have stayed with me and most of them are building blocks to mindfulness. Just know, I will continue to add a mindfulness post from time to time to expand our exploration of this powerful positive word.

Take care,

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