Monday, December 13, 2010

Just What the Doctor Ordered...Giggles and Belly Laughs

The other day my husband, Dennis, replaced our broken toilet seat. Every time anyone lifted the lid on the new seat it squeaked. Neither of us had mentioned this fact to the other. After a week of squeaks, I decided I would fix it. I grabbed the WD-40 lubricant spray, hesitated slightly and sprayed away. When I lifted the seat to work the spray into the hinge the squeak was gone. It was now an even more irritating haunted house door opening kind of sound. I couldn’t believe it⎯so then I just started laughing. Each time I lifted or closed the seat I laughed that much more until the tears began streaming down my face and my belly hurt. With each lift of the seat the sound grew more irritating and I laughed even louder. I decided I would not say anything about it because sooner or later Dennis would know what was going on. Besides, I don’t think I could have said a thing without cracking up. You know the feeling when you try to tell someone something funny but can’t keep a straight face, and pretty soon the person can’t even figure out what you are saying because you are laughing so hard. So, I waited…

That night as we were heading to bed, I heard the loud screeching. Of course I am smiling and giggling but trying to not be heard. As Dennis was coming out of the bathroom he looked right at me and said, “You’ve had the WD-40 out again!” Yes, I have a previous history with WD. That is why I hesitated momentarily before I sprayed the seat hinge. I have two go-to things when it comes to repairs⎯WD-40 and duct tape. Since this wasn’t a duct tape kind of job, of course I’m going to grab the good old WD. You see we still have a door that will not stay open because I WD’d the hinge pin. Dennis just shook his head as he headed for the bed. By this time, I’m at full giggle mode and pretty soon a knowing smile spread across his face.

The next morning, as I lifted the screeching seat, I just started laughing all over again. Now, anytime I pass the bathroom I am compelled to see if the screech has improved, and yes, I start to get the giggles. Maybe we will just leave it as is for now.

Giggles and belly laughs are just plain good for you. I am sure Dennis and I will share this giggle as time passes like we have with many other moments of our lives. Even just recalling an occurrence when you are lost in giggles and belly laughs makes you smile. We need more of those moments so we may recall them when we are in a belly laugh deficit⎯and that I think is just what the doctor ordered.

© Copyright Michelle Clark 2010
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