Monday, December 19, 2011

Now, Where Did I Put God?

How does one go about losing God? Do you misplace God like a set of keys? Is God rolling around somewhere inside your car or perhaps your purse? Can you lose God with a bet at a poker game? Is God with a sock you haven't been able to find since you did the laundry?

I've always known where I lost God. For me it was while I was attending Catholic school back in the 1960’s. I know, ironic isn't it? I was hung up on why being Catholic was the only way to God. Other religions believe theirs is the one true path. So who is right? Over the years I found many correlations with various forms of religion. Could we all be on the same path but singing different songs? I stepped away from what it meant to be Catholic and never really looked back. This left a void in my life, something I failed to realize. My negative views of religion had blocked my spiritual growth. I was confusing religion with spirituality.

Interestingly enough, I found God a few years ago. And no, God wasn’t wearing my long lost sock. I no longer think of God as a religion, but as an essence of who we all are. I believe God exists for everyone and is always there for you 24/7. God is held deep within our hearts, but you need to allow space in your life to hear what is being said. That God-space has become an important part of my knowing who I am and what is best for me. Whatever God means or may have meant to you⎯perhaps it is time to get acquainted or reacquaint yourself! If you allow the space, answers do come…

During this holiday season, I wish you peace, love and light.

Photo courtesy of Alex Holzknecht
© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark