Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Year Ends: Roller Coaster in Review

This past year has led me in several directions as I strived to get on top of my health issues. Many times I felt as if I was riding an out of control roller coaster. I started the year with the word theme of momentum. Even though I began with a slow, progressive roll, soon I seemed to be in a vertical drop with no vision in sight. I leveled off and made changes in the tracks ahead. I was rocked from side-to-side and looped-de-looped, but I kept moving forward with the power of one word.

The year of momentum in review:
The focus on momentum guided me throughout the year as I explored ways to help us all feel better and embrace the life we have. As I end the year with new medication protocols and a fresh sense of peace, I look to next year to continue my forward progress. I am optimistic that I will have less of a roller coaster existence and more of a full steam ahead approach to whatever tracks are before me.

Join me in the new year with a new look to It Is What It Is...

Olympia Looping photo courtesy of Oliver Mallich
© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark