Monday, March 14, 2011

Eating to Live: Food Combining

Today⎯I feel great. Feeling good has been somewhat difficult in recent months so great is amazing. I mentioned I was on a new path recently, in response to my digestive issues, in an article about dropping the anger . Today will be the start of a series of three articles outlining what dietary changes seem to be making a difference for me⎯a BIG difference. These changes may even help you should you suffer from gas, bloating, intestinal cramps, acid reflux or other forms of digestive distress.

What is food combining?
A way of eating foods so they do not work against each other and cause pain. Proponents believe different food groups are digested optimally when eaten in the following combinations:

  • Proteins and starches should be eaten at separate meals
  • Proteins may be eaten with vegetables
  • Starches may be eaten with vegetables
  • Fruits should be eaten alone

I was introduced recently to Jerry, who suffers from chronic colitis. He has had a very difficult time over the last few years trying to determine what he could eat without causing pain. During the last year he started food combining and feels great! He told me he had followed the plan as outlined by Sherry Brescia in, Great Taste No Pain. I examined her website as well as other sites on the subject. I felt it couldn’t hurt me if I pay attention to eating a well balanced diet. Within the first 48 hours I noticed a significant difference after eating⎯NO GAS!

I’ve now been testing this food combining theory for the past 6 weeks and am happy to report that it seems to help. I am still trying to figure out the nuances, but I didn’t want to bog myself down with too much all at once. Most of what I was reading on the subject had the same basic principles as outlined above. What gets a bit confusing is how much time to allow between the different food groups. I am making my food combining efforts my own and will determine what works for me.

Over the years I have made various changes to my diet in order to find a balance living with a chronic digestive disease. I love food, I love GREAT food and I love to craft it into amazing meals. I’ve held back on doing more drastic changes because I was holding onto being able to eat the way I eat for as long as I could⎯in other words, I was living to eat. At this time, I am exploring the fundamentals of eating to live. If Jerry could give it a go, so could I. Change can be difficult if you let it, no matter what the change is. It is my choice and I have now chosen to change. I am in control. I am the driving force in my life.

How about you? Can you change? Can you be in control? What or who is the driving force in your life?
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