Monday, May 16, 2011

Happier Birthday to YOU!

You cannot stop growing older but you can celebrate your birthday by making it an event, even if it is an event for one. I know people do not like to make a fuss necessarily in front of others, but how about taking your birthday to another level and making it a special day for YOU. After all, you probably spend most of your time doing everything else for everyone else. You deserve to be “birthday girl” or “birthday boy” one day a year.

My friend Lynn had a birthday last week and was feeling a bit blue. When I asked her what she had planned she said, “Nothing out of the ordinary.” No wonder she was feeling blue. As for myself, I love being the “birthday girl,” opening the cards, receiving phone calls from family and friends and just making a point of doing something special for me. Here are a few tips for making a happier birthday for YOU!

First of all⎯if it’s a workday⎯take it off! There have been a few times I have worked on my birthday and I regretted it. Even if I was going out to dinner for the evening, working did not make my day special. I needed the WHOLE day.

Begin your day by opening a birthday card. I read them out loud even if nobody else is around. I feel the meaning behind the words expressed and the love and caring of the person sending me the card. I continue to open cards throughout the day. Between the cards and the phone calls I receive, I build on that “birthday” love until my head hits the pillow and I say one more time, “Happy Birthday to you girl!”

Don't forget the cake! Each year I bake my own cake. Yes, you heard me right. I made the mistake a few times by actually making my cake on my birthday⎯not advisable because that might be considered work and does not qualify as celebrating your birthday. So, I make the cake ahead of time. I start a month or so ahead planning what kind of cake I might like to have. I find this adds to the whole fun of celebrating. If you don’t care to bake the cake, pie or whatever yourself, perhaps you would enjoy ordering a special something from the bakery.

What I actually do on my birthday varies but the idea remains the same⎯something different from my ordinary day with the focus on ME. Perhaps it is…
  • A day of reading and relaxation
  • A favorite movie and snacks
  • Putzing around the garden
  • A massage
  • A day of shopping for me
  • A walk through a favorite garden nursery
  • Spending time with a special person
I’m sure you get the idea. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. Simple is best. It is in the simplicity in life where we find our best self. As for Lynn, I didn’t think she should have to wait a whole year before she could plan HER day so I suggested she pick another day soon, call it her re-birthday and plan accordingly. What have you got planned for your birthday? Don't let another one just slip by. There is only one you and I think you deserve to celebrate!

Photo courtesy of  D. Sharon Pruitt @ Flickr
© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark