Sunday, May 8, 2011


When I was a kid I always liked planning special things for my mom or dad on their birthdays, wedding anniversary or on Mother’s and Father’s day. I remember asking my mom when there would be a kid’s day, she replied, “Everyday is kid’s day!” I’ve never forgotten what she said because it really hit me⎯she was right. So much of everything parents do in their life is centered on raising their children. Of course a kid might say, “AND rightly so!”

Even though your mom may no longer have children at home⎯she still cares, worries and loves each one every single day. So whether or not you are planning something special on Mother's Day remember this⎯the love of your mother is like no other kind of love⎯today and every day. This is something we should all be grateful for!
Happy Mother’s Day

Polar Bear photo courtesy beingmyself @ Flickr
Rhino photo courtesy of walanbaker @ Flickr

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