Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Joy

I am the grass pushing through the soil of my garden. I must soak up the sun, the rain and the nutrients in order for my roots to spread deep into the soil. As the autumn rains wash over me, I am able to absorb the necessary nutrients to sustain me. The sun pulls me upward in a warm and loving embrace until the cool temperatures slow me down once again to a dormant state. Ah, the pleasures of an autumn day.

It must sound as if autumn is my favorite of all seasons. Well, it is right now, but come December as autumn moves into winter⎯that will be my favorite season⎯until spring and summer roll around, that is. Lately I have been out in my garden whenever I can manage to devote time to bedding it down before its winter nap. The low glow of the sun warms me as the brisk bite of wind stings my face and ignites a sense of peace throughout my garden and myself⎯the kiss of autumn joy. Tending my garden mirrors the need to tend to my own needs as well. The more I tend my garden, the deeper and stronger the roots grow. Deep roots help overcome famine, drought, pestilence and whatever storms blow my way. The ability to stand firmly planted and create joy in your life for yourself is not something you merely consider⎯it is something you must do.

Those who have not tended to their garden with love and care find they do not have deep, robust roots to make it through the difficult times. I am the garden and my roots grow deep. How about your roots⎯could they use a bit of autumn joy right now?

Photo courtesy of Mizrak
© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark