Monday, October 3, 2011

Releasing the Rhythm

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
Albert Einstein

As I was swimming laps in a pool a few weeks ago, I was contemplating the rhythm of the beat. Every stroke of my arms, kick of my feet and rolling of my head for a breath reminded me how in control I was at that moment. With the waning days of summer I could feel the pull of autumn reminding me to slow down just a bit, telling me it is time to savor the beginning of the next season with a slowing of my rhythm.

Those heady, warm summer days have released me into autumn. Today I was reminded once again of the need to slow down as I strolled the autumn air. I could smell the leaves and feel the release of their weight as they drift unhurriedly to the ground. I could hear the dewdrops falling in the trees telling me that rain will soon follow. The sounds of autumn begin my day with a lazy, foggy quiet that reminds me to listen and hear my heart, my voice⎯reminding me to plug into the rhythm of this season. As the trees drop their leaves and begin their annual slowing into winter, I will follow their cue. Mother Nature knows all about rhythm, so I will listen to her primordial voice. There are times when one must release the need for control to go about the natural rhythms of the day. You just can't argue with Mother Nature!

How will you release your rhythm into autumn?

Photo courtesy of Randy Robertson

© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark