Sunday, February 5, 2012

It’s the Pits!

It's the pits
1950’s slang for the worst of something,
1960’s slang describing something that metaphorically stinks!

Here's the story: The sky was blue, the snow was perfectly groomed, not a hint of wind with temperatures in the low twenties – it just may have been the best ski day ever at my local ski resort. After ninety minutes of perfection⎯BAM⎯I was body slammed and popped out of my skis by a snowboarder cutting through the trees from an adjacent run. Fortunately I was going into a turn, not traveling fast and on a milder pitch from what I had been skiing. All I heard was, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” as we both slid down the mountain.

Once I came to a stop, I began taking a personal inventory of what body parts I could move and what caused me pain. I was very calm⎯brought on by the gratitude I felt in not having debilitating injuries. At this point, I realized how disappointed I was because I wouldn’t be skiing the rest of this beautiful day. I found myself thinking⎯it’s the pits! Not even something I normally say.

The ski patrol arrived and with all the attention on moving me into the toboggan, the snowboarder disappeared…

I am recovering from bruised and cracked ribs on my left side. Ah, a new adventure in healing. I am not angry. I refuse to look at this as any kind of setback. I’ve been feeling well lately and embrace each day as the gift it is. I don’t want to gum it all up with anger. Healing and anger are like oil and water⎯they don’t mix.

I am going about my days attempting to do what I would normally do⎯a little slower perhaps. I am finding new ways to move my body in order to achieve the end result. My knowledge of body mechanics along with strength and flexibility (weight lifting/Pilates/yoga) are coming to my aid⎯me helping me.

As I retold my story of the circumstances of the day, people kept saying, “It’s the pits,” like it was some special healing mantra. Is it the pits? It stinks, it's not fun, but it is what it is, and I’m getting over it. I can deal with the pain⎯this too shall pass as they say; but what about the unidentified snowboarder⎯he will never know what happened to that little lady he body slammed⎯and that my friends just may be the pits.

Photo courtesy of Helga Weber