Monday, February 27, 2012

I Have Fight In Me

Recovering from bruised and cracked ribs is an interesting journey into the world of pain and levels of pain. Everything I do seems to set-off a not so happy face from the chart above. It is with me when I wake in the morning and shadows me throughout the day until I gently settle myself into bed at night.

I am not letting pain get the better of me. I find the more I push myself, the next time I can go further before the pain takes over. On day three of this particular journey I head outdoors⎯not for my normal run, but to walk⎯with or without the pain. It took me some time to figure out how best to hold my frame, swing my arms and move my legs in the least painful manner. Yes, I would have rather be running, but I was happy I could at least take to the hills around my home. Interestingly enough, I found the most comfortable position was something we’ve all heard from our mothers…

"Shoulders back, stomach in⎯stand tall!"

I’ve noticed how my body protects itself by sending out the pain police before I take in a full breath, before I swing my arm too far, etc. Standing tall opened up my chest and allowed more oxygen into my lungs. With each breath past the pain, the next breath was able to go further. Realizing this helps me suck it up and push past the pain. Since day three, I am seeing remarkable leaps in mobility each day as I push past the limits this injury has given my body. What’s good for the body is good for the mind because these seemingly minor accomplishments feed my intention to be positive, and helps me be all I can be in each moment.

We see examples of people moving beyond what we perceive as limits all of the time. I find myself asking, “Could I do what they have been able to do in similar circumstances?” I think we all find ourselves at one time or another asking the same question. Prior to my rib injury, I would have said that I hoped so. I know I have stubborn determination, and tenacious persistence inside⎯but I have learned something very important⎯I have fight in me, and that is what I see in the countless people fighting to be all they can be.

"If there is one thing you've got to hold on to, it's the courage to fight!"
Bessie Delany (103 years young) from The Delany Sister's Book of Everyday Wisdom

Not to compare my little bruised and cracked ribs to anyone dealing with more debilitating issues, but I now know I would be the fighter they are. I would fight through the pain no matter what I had to endure. I would suck it up, shoulders back, stomach in, stand tall and move forward.

We all have a certain level of fight in us⎯even if we haven’t tested it lately. Pain and dealing with pain is different for everyone, but are you being all you can be?