Monday, April 1, 2013

Have You Putzed Lately?

Putzing is what I enjoy the most⎯doing a little of this, that and whatever moves me by relinquishing the priorities of life for just a bit.

After a lovely week of warm days and garden time, I gradually felt spring fever creeping into my bones. Unlike weeks ago, when I was catching up from fall and winter in my yard, this week I found my garden priorities shared with a good amount of putzing as I wandered here and there.

While taking time to hold a tree frog in my hands, I decided putzing must be a priority in my life beyond spring fever as I move forward this year. If I hadn't been putzing, I would have missed the opportunity to see the frog let alone hold it. This is my choice and it is now one of my priorities as I give myself permission to putz.
  • Putzing allows me to slow down the frenzied pace of living
  • Putzing enables me to enjoy my garden, home and life more
  • Putzing gives me a sense of balance with the world around me
  • Putzing creates a space in my life
Who knows what you will do or where you'll end up when you give yourself permission to simply putz.
Free Loading Frog photo courtesy of tobyotter

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