Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soul Searching Paths

The last six months have been full of events and issues in my life that are somewhat difficult to mentally wrap my brain around. Sometimes life can go along with minor ups and downs, other times it is hard to believe all life can throw at you.

Yesterday, my brother took his life. Mike was a man relentlessly struggling to find his way. Throughout his life, he would pull himself up by the bootstraps, reinvent himself if necessary, and carry on. It was an amazing ability he had. When something this tragic occurs, one can only surmise he felt he had no other choice. It was his way of taking control over something he felt he had no control over. It is difficult to fully understand the depths of his despair. I can only hope his pain and suffering have ceased, and he now finds the peace and happiness he has long searched for.

It is important for us all to find a path leading to peace inside. Whether dealing with unsurmountable problems or trying to understand what has been thrown your way. As we search for answers, we can seek the help and support of others, but we must ultimately look within.

Sending love and light to you dear brother,

Cloud trail photo courtesy of pfly under the Creative Commons License