Monday, December 16, 2013


In the home I grew up in, we had a large front room window my mom would adorn with her annual Christmas scene. I’m not just talking about strings of colored lights, spraying snow on the glass or stenciling Glass Wax patterns; she would come up with a theme, make sketches and work out the logistics. Then the creation would come to life with her paints, brushes and colored films. I always loved these scenes. When I was a child, it wasn’t Christmas until the window came to life.

My favorite scene was when she created the Nativity, birth of Jesus, out of a stained glass patterned contact paper. It was amazingly beautiful. Her windows were always labor intensive, but this intensity allowed my mom to share, not only her artistic talents with the neighborhood, but her love of Christmas and what it meant to her. More importantly, with each window she created a unique gift of passion and love of Christmas for her young children.

Viewed from the inside or the outside, day or night, these windows tiptoed into my memories of a child at Christmas. I may not remember all of the gifts I received over the years, but I will never forget the Christmas windows of my youth.

As we close in on this holiday season, one never knows what it is others will remember in the years to come. But as I reflect on this subject, doing one thing that stands out for you, may very well stand out for others. It's not about running around hither, thither and yon, or pushing yourself beyond your limits to create a perfect Christmas. Pick one thing and do it with passion and love.

Wishing you and yours all my best this holiday season!
Christmas reflections courtesy of Chris Costes