Sunday, December 29, 2013

What Have I Learned?

It has been a whirlwind of a year with extreme lows, extreme highs, and everything in-between. The constant need to make decisions seemed to accelerate with each passing moment. At times, circumstances came with a heavy heart, but I moved beyond the weight and found what it meant to celebrate what is. In a year with much diversity, I ask myself, what have I learned?

... to look forward and allow this word to guide me throughout the year.
... to feel like a kid again by embracing the joys of Jell-O.
... to leapfrog grief after the loss of two dear friends.
... to bring more focus to my life by paying attention and looking both ways.
... to take the pressure off and relinquish priorities to a bit of putzing.
... to protect what’s mine after a prowler poked around my home.
... to accept the choices of loved ones after the loss of my brother.
... to celebrate what commitment truly is on our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.
... to move my book closer to publishing by getting it done.
... to look up and engage my senses.
... to find a glimmer of hope in tough love.
... to give thanks by looking ‘em in the eye.
... to get out of my own way with simplicity, one less thing, and box worthiness.
... to clear a path forward to the future.

I feel the whirlwind of this year moving me into next year. Follow me as I continue to find my way through the lows, highs and everything in-between by celebrating what is.

Twirl through the flowers photo courtesy of Anita Hart