Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Running Up Hills

Last fall I had a soft tissue injury in my foot that kept me from running for six weeks. Recently, I had a cold that, once again, kept me from running. Now, I am hitting the pavement once more, but backing off my normal pace and mileage until I am fit enough to push ahead once again.

I’ve learned many things from my years of running. What I am focusing on now is getting back to small steps. It was small steps that propelled me up the hills around my home when I first began. While my legs might scream, or my endurance lag, it is taking those smaller, quicker steps that get me to the top of the hill.

I love the challenge of hills, and would much rather run up a hill than run flat. As I was out running, taking my smaller, quicker steps today, I was thinking what a metaphor smaller steps really could be for many things challenging us. It’s much easier to not push forward, to not make necessary changes, to run on the flats. While my journey through life takes me up many hills, I take pleasure by pushing forward one small step at a time. I know, by taking small steps, I will make it to the top of whatever hill or challenge is in front of me. It’s not easy getting back in the swing of things, doing what you should do, or making the necessary changes to push forward once again. Just don’t get caught up in the hill in front of you, or the one after that. Grab your shoes and hit the pavement one small step at a time. You can do it. I'm right there beside you.

Running shoes photo courtesy of luiginter