Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make My Day

Recently, as I left the grocery store and was crossing the parking lot, a woman rolled up to me in her wheel chair and handed me a beautiful vase of roses saying, “I can’t take these with me.” Ever weary of scams and the like I glance around the parking lot thinking perhaps they were stolen, or she may be trying to distract me in order to steal my groceries or my purse. I'm also thinking that seems odd as she is in a wheel chair. She see’s the questioning look on my face and explains further, “We can’t take these into Canada, and we are heading home after celebrating our anniversary. Please take them and enjoy.” It put a smile on my face and really made my day.

I felt bad she had to leave the flowers behind, and told her I would be glad to take them and I thanked her. I watched as she rolled back to her vehicle, where her husband was getting ready to load the wheel chair. After she left, I noticed there were six red roses and wondered if it might be their sixth wedding anniversary. I thought of her smiling face every time I looked at those lovely flowers. I felt it was my duty to fully appreciate them for her.

Receiving these flowers, has inspired me to pay it forward. Sometime soon, I am going to buy a bouquet of flowers, and hand them to someone seemingly out of the blue. Perhaps I can make their day, somehow make a difference. I have a feeling it will make my day too, and hopefully, they won't call security!