Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waxing and Waning

From our viewpoint, the moon appears to increase in size, waxing, and decrease in size, waning, as each month goes by. While the moon is in this continuous cycle from month to month, I feel a waxing and waning effect going on inside of me. As my got-to-dos and get-to-dos increase and decrease, I long for more get-to-dos in my life. Don’t we all?

While I feel many forces of change at work inside of me at this point, I know I must work more systematically at breaking the got-to-dos down in order to help me deal with them. But what happens when you just don’t want to do something anymore?

For example, what if I just don’t want to vacuum the house one more time? I could:
  • Space out how often I do it,
  • Break it down into smaller steps,
  • Make it fun by turning the music up and dancing my way around as I vacuum,
  • Buy new equipment to make it easier,
  • All of the above, or
  • Find someone else to do it,
  • Not do it at all,
  • Tear out the carpet,
  • Move!
I’m focusing on the last one, move. Yes, that is how much I dislike vacuuming! Actually, that is how I am feeling about doing anything in my home or yard. While this waxing effect has been building over time, I have reached the tipping point where I JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE! Since I can’t simply walk away from the roof over my head, I am taking the steps to get from point A to point B.

I realize it’s a matter of taking control, balancing priorities, and bringing on the change in my life. Like they say, “be the change.” As I wax and wane my way through my priorities, I look at the big picture and realize I am making the steps necessary to be the change in my life. I am moving got-to-dos to not-to-dos, and I will have more time for get-to-dos. From my viewpoint, I can look at the moon and be reminded just how far I have come.
Curious Phases of the Moon photo courtesy of Ky