Friday, May 30, 2014

Seeds of Inspiration

For many of us, gardening can be nothing more than a chore any time of the year. With an over abundance of rain, and ever-increasing days of sunshine and warmth, gardening is a chore to even the most seasoned gardeners. Between rainstorms, I am doing the same things over and over again; and I know the tasks and weeds will outnumber any list of gardening chores I may have.

At this point, I won’t be able to get ahead of the chores, or even try to catch up. Trying to take control over my own ideals can be frustrating, but I have learned to let those ideals go. Gardening has taught me many things, so not even trying to catch up is freeing. The seeds of inspiration I have gained from a lifetime of gardening have carried over into other aspects of my life. Here's a seed for you: there is always going to be one more thing, but you'll get to it eventually, or not. It’s okay!
Inspiration photo courtesy of photosteve101