Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Warrior Pose

I make sure yoga poses are a part of my weekly workout routine. Yoga helps me combine mental and physical expression, as in mind, body and spirit. Breathing deeply, while maintaining form and balance, not only strengthens my body, but stills my mind. In order to hold the poses properly, I must focus; otherwise, I lose balance.

My favorite pose is the Warrior and its variations. When I first tried this, it was difficult to hold the position for very long at all. My whole body seemed to tremble just trying to maintain the form. Now, I feel I am the warrior, and can hold the position for as long as I would like, even with my eyes closed. It has become rather centering and relaxing.

While I change Yoga routines with regularity, I always include my warrior. Anything that helps me become the warrior in my life is an important strengthening piece of my journey, and should be lovingly maintained. On this amazing journey of mine, the warrior in me will introduce more positive guidance to my mental and physical expression. I will continue to bring more centering and relaxing focus to my day.
Warrior II pose courtesy of a4gpa