Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I’ve Got This

I had moved past the anger issues I felt when my abdominal surgery was scheduled. I went on a lovely European vacation and did not waste a moment on anger. In the days before the surgery, I informed my nearest and dearest as to what was going on. I asked them to send their wonderful, powerful thoughts and prayers my way the morning of the surgery. I also made sure my inner circle of loved ones knew they did not need to worry, because, I’ve got this. The outpouring of love and support aimed in my direction was amazing.

In the early morning hours prior to surgery, I took a moment to collect my thoughts and fill my heart with peace. On the drive to the hospital, I could feel a mounting surge of energy rise up within. Weird, I know, but take a look at that woman in the picture above. Does she look like someone heading to surgery?

Various surgical staff made preparations, and I was wheeled into the surgical hall. I felt as if I was floating above the cart with my loved ones supporting me. I was in glow mode by the time I rolled through the surgery suite doors. For what seemed to be the hundredth time that morning, I was asked what they were seeing me for. I remember tilting my head up so I could see everyone and announced, in detail, what they would be doing today. I was speaking loudly, as if in front of an audience, and I remember looking directly at each one of them. I noticed them nodding and smiling, like whoa, who is this? I could feel them saying, she's obviously got this! You should know, to this point, I had not been given any type of medication, just in case you were wondering.

In the moments prior to gently drifting to sleep, I felt lifted up by those wonderful, powerful thoughts and prayers aimed in my direction. It felt quite extraordinary, as if I had entered a surreal musical of sorts. I half expected this audience I had been addressing to break into song and dance. One of the surgical staff set my headphones into place and plugged me into my music. What was playing in my head during surgery? That would be baroque classics⎯the music to the very real surgery about to take place. When they began to sedate me, I remember thinking⎯I’ve got this!

It’s been seven weeks since the surgery, and I can honestly say the whole experience was incredible. What I felt the morning of the surgery was a big group hug of light, love, and energy. I can still feel the glow of that morning and know as I begin each day, I’ve got this!
Photo from my private collection.