Monday, December 22, 2014

The Kid’s Table

When gathering with family and friends to share a meal during the holidays, it’s not always easy trying to seat everyone at the same table. When I was a kid, there was a designated table for the children. This allowed adults to gather together in a semblance of peace. Mind you, the children’s table was not far.

At the children’s table we were able to chitter-chatter, make funny noises - as long as they weren’t loud enough for the adults to hear, and just be ourselves. Thinking about that now, those children, sitting at their designated table, did not have to deal with the magnitude of life adults deal with. Life was simple and straightforward at this table. We weren’t thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. It was all about now.

Sit at the kid’s table for a change this holiday season. If your request is denied, be as if you were sitting at the kid’s table. Go ahead, chitter-chatter, make funny noises and just be you. Don’t think about the problems of yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Immerse yourself in the conversations around you even if you could care less; hug people you have not seen in a long time and those you have never met. Learn how to play a silly game and enjoy it. Celebrate and join in the fun. Find your inner kid this holiday season and sit yourself down at the kid’s table.
Kids at the kids table photo courtesy of madgerly