Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Have a Song Filled Day

Please note: excerpts of the following post come from an email I sent to my sister. Pardon our style...

First off, you should know, my sister Becky is amazing - but doesn’t realize it.

Second off, (Is there such a thing as second off?) she is not only amazing, but has an amazing singing voice as well. At the drop of a proverbial hat, she can belt out a tune a cappella, as in without any music whatsoever. Singing a song with music can be difficult enough, but somehow she can pull it off without. For example, she brings people to tears when she sings the Our Father prayer or the national anthem. Like I said, she is amazing!

Third off, (It seems like I should keep things consistent.) she doesn’t always tell people when great things happen to her. For example, last summer my mom (little joke between sisters) told me Becky was asked to sing while at an employee barbecue. So she did, and rocked it, of course. Because, once again, she is amazing! But this event I had to ask my sis about.

Fourth off, (This is kind of fun.) when I did finally communicate with her in an email, I told her, “I think sharing with others about the good things that happen, no matter how small, is healing to your heart as well as theirs. It repeats the love all over again. As opposed to constantly talking about all that is negative. Hmm, this could be a good post!” 

Fifth off, (Yes, this whole off-thing is tongue-in-cheek.) Becky has had many challenges in her life and at times is her own worst enemy. That could be any one of us. She is striving to be her best self by moving away from the negative and the negative self-story. Thus, “Talking about the good things happening in your life is spreading the love, and in itself is a good thing.”

Sixth off, as I noted to my sister, “Share the song in your heart and have a song filled day. As a matter of fact, print that statement out and post it at home, the car, and at work. It will remind you of the song you have in your heart, and help you strive for it when things aren’t going quite so well.”  So, fill your heart with the good things, forget the bad; and even if you can’t hold a tune, celebrate what is.

 Love you sis,
Song filled day banner posted in my sister’s office and part of the Clark family archives.