Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Moments

When September rolled around, I was staying high in the Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge, Colorado at 10,000 feet. Those first cool crisp mornings in the 40s sent my internal seasons calendar directly to fall right then and there. Ever since our visit to Breck, I’ve had one fall moment after another hit me like a storage box full of comfy sweaters falling out of the closet. Thing is, I didn’t have one of those fall moments sweaters with me, so I found the perfect sweater to cozy up in at a local clothing store and bought it - been wearing it ever since.

Along with my fall moments sweater attack, I’ve been craving anything with loads of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Bring on the pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie, and creamy pumpkin soup. And then there's other fall moment cravings like my homemade chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, soups, soups, and more soups. Ah, yes, fall comfort food. I even purchased a cinnamon spice room spray that lifts my October fall moments to new heights as soon as I’ve sprayed it all around. Oh my, I’ve got this fall moments thing bad.

While I’ve left my cooler 6-weeks in Colorado behind as we traveled into New Mexico, and now Arizona where temperatures still warm into the 80s most days, I'm still able to wear my new fall moments sweater in the cool-ish mornings. Don’t be surprised if you find me in one of the local grocery stores in Tucson wearing my sweater even if the sun is blazing outside. I’m finding it handy to have with me in those air conditioned environments. Perhaps I should carry my cinnamon spice room freshener with me and spritz the air wherever I go? I'd be spreading the fall love around one spritz at a time. Hey, I think I’m on to something there!

What’s with all this fall-derol? Celebrating the moments of your life by including whatever season it may be. Get your comfy sweater on, get outside, smell the leaves as they begin to spice up the fall air, and celebrate fall with me - that is until I’m going on and on about how much I love winter.


Sweater photo courtesy of damclark's