Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Silent Observations

Recently, when I traveled back home, there were a number of very personal, very adult type issues to deal with for a number of family members. My elderly parents had been making a series of upsetting decisions about how they were going to manage their ongoing health issues and care in their home. In doing so, they cut themselves off from those who loved them. Their choices led to a series of unfortunate events and finally the death of my stepfather in a serious fall. While the parental drama is still playing out with the future of my mother, I feel the power of It Is What It Is within me and know that whatever happens going forward is about the choices that have been made by others - not something I have any control over.

In a year when my theme word is listen, the more I listen, the quieter I get - but the more I hear and understand, strange thing, eh? Listening to what’s going on around me, what other people are saying, what I’m thinking, and what I’m feeling help me respond in a more centered way - help me to understand the moment. I’m less likely to react because I have this better understanding of the moment - what I need to say, or not say, what I need to do, or not do.

During all of this family drama, what could have been a very stressful time home for me - wasn’t. I became even more quiet in this year of listen, and focused on what it was I needed to do or not do in this scenario. This silent listening of the heart helped me respond in that centered way I spoke of. I was not reactionary - simply responding to what I was hearing, feeling and understanding within - what was appropriate for me in this situation. Strong emotions can get in the way at times like this and the need for control can be strong, but I released that need for control a long time ago. I was able to not get emotionally involved because I was listening, focusing - I did what I needed to do in clarity and have been able to carry on with my life and move forward.

My theme word listen has served me well so far this year and I continue to feel the centered peace it gives me. So, maybe all this listening business is not such a strange thing after all. I’ll leave you with this silent observation - listen and silent have the same letters! Perhaps listening would serve you well, too. Are you listening?

Take care, 

Heart shaped cloud photo courtesy of prof.bizzarro