Thursday, February 21, 2019

Whispering Words of Wisdom

...Whisper words of wisdom, let it be...
John Lennon and Paul McCartney

For anyone following this website over the years, you know I choose a word or phrase to become my theme, my keyword, or what could be considered my tag for the year. This annual theme is a powerful, positive connection that drives me to be the best I can be, and learn something about the power of that word in my life.

Last year’s word, listen, had a major impact for me throughout the year. It was as if I could hear it repeated in my head again and again - as if someone was whispering in my ear. What did this word do for me when I heard it whispering? If I was talking, I stopped mid-sentence to listen to what it was I was saying or to more clearly absorb the essence of the conversation around me. It may have been perplexing to others when I stopped mid-sentence, but I quite liked this more-quiet self. All the listening I did throughout the year guided me to hearing more deeply what was being said or what I was thinking. This listening helped me understand the circumstances of whatever was going on around me in a more meaningful way. I actually became quite fond of this powerful word. As I approached the end of the 2018 and thought about what the next year’s word may be, I found myself wanting to hold on to listen in order to discover more from it.

My word or theme, as mentioned previously for 2019, is centered around letting it BE. And I cannot BE if I’m not listening. Aha! I have continued to discover more from listening. If I hadn’t been listening so much last year, I may have had trouble letting it BE. Although, when I really think about it, I doubt letting it be would have surfaced had I not been listening to the whispering words of wisdom.

If you are having trouble with those resolutions you started, maybe it's time to listen, really listen to what words are whispering to you.


Listen carefully photo courtesy of Justin Lynham