Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Home Sweet Home

While we just hinted about the following little tidbit on our travel website, I’m officially announcing it here. After 3 years of living houseless and traveling, we’ve decided we need to establish a home base close to where we seem to spend the most time. And just where is that? Well, we’ve spent 3 or 4 months in various locations in the Southwest United States each of our 3 years of living houseless. Seems like this should be a fanfare moment, pause here...we will be establishing a new home base in the fine state of Arizona! Yes, after living in the Pacific Northwest all of our lives, we will set up home in an entirely different climate, scrape the moss of our backs, and become desert rats!

Having considered the Puget Sound region our home base, a home it was not. Basically, it was where our storage unit and doctors were located along with friends and family. We were always busy going to doctors and annual this-n-thats while preparing for the next leg of our journey which left little time to see friends and family. Now, our home base will be an actual home sweet home that we can enjoy living in for months at a time. So, what does all this mean? We will no longer be houseless, but we haven’t given up our traveling ways. Having a real home base should allow more friends and family time when we do visit the Pacific Northwest.

It really has been a crazy, busy time returning from our Scandinavian adventures in April and preparing to move half of our storage unit for the trip south. Once we arrived in Arizona, it was non-stop getting settled and dealing with the ups and downs of wrapping up a build on a new home. And now, we’re preparing to move the other half of our storage unit south.

Anyone following It Is What It Is knows that routine and balance keep me sane and is very important to me not matter what’s going on in my life. I know balance is what keeps me healthy and happy. So, while I haven’t quite found routine and balance for long periods of time in the last 3 to 4 years, I am making strides in that direction each day. And, like so many of us, sometimes simply striving for balance minute to minute becomes the goal. What I do know is having a place to truly be my home sweet home will always guide me back to the balance I need. How about you, what keeps you in balance, keeps you healthy, and to some extent happy? Maybe it’s time to pay more attention to that which keeps you feeling your best.


I apologize for the delay in posting but in order for me to do what I’ve been doing the last 4 months, I basically needed to listen to my thoughts, pay attention to what I was hearing, drop everything else by letting it be (my word theme for 2019), and focus on just what needed to be done. I know I’m not at my best when trying to do everything. Just know that I missed sharing my thoughts with you, and that helped me make some decisions going forward with this blog. More on that later!

Arizona desert photo courtesy of damclark photos