Sunday, April 24, 2011

Using Momentum to Start Small

I’ve been evaluating my own procrastinating ways lately and have considered starting small as mentioned in the STOP Procrastinating post. As I work towards a “less-is-more” way of approaching life, I am slowly getting to those “things” I’ve been meaning to do⎯even if it takes years. My theme or word for the year has been momentum as mentioned in an earlier article. I consider this word from time to time when I feel the need to do more, do something else or when I just feel stuck. I basically ask myself, "Will this move me forward and bring momentum into my life?" By asking myself this question, momentum has brought me face to face with my procrastinating ways. It's time to start small...

Just exactly what is starting small?

  • Starting small is a simple way of considering the whole tree.
  • Starting small is simply considering your project as a seedling and growing with your seeding one branch at a time.
  • Starting small is a simple approach to breaking down the bigger project.

One particular seedling of mine came to mind because it has been trying to plant itself for 6 years. I’ve had the fabric to make curtains for my guest room. I have even set it out where I can see it every day, only to put it away when spring rolls around⎯because after all, it is a winter project. It is funny how after awhile you just don’t see what is right in front of you.

I’m happy to report, after approximately 10 hours spread out over a few weeks, my curtains are done. I focused on one branch of the project at a time and allowed the momentum to carry me to the next branch. My curtains are now hanging in the window of my guest room and I feel a yippy-skippy dance coming on! I'm feeling momentum move me on to the next I just need to continue to start small...

By the way, how are you doing with your word for the year? Perhaps it is time for you to catch the momentum of the year and start fresh. What seedling do you want to start with?
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