Monday, April 18, 2011

Eating to Live: Lifestyle Changes

My recent foray into dietary changes to improve my health has come down to what one would call lifestyle changes:

I’ve been asked quite a few questions about my recent lifestyle changes and I thought I would share them with you?

How much work is it?
I think it all comes down to planning. The more you can plan for buying what you need and setting time aside to clean veggies, for example, the likelihood of this process working out for you. When the work becomes a habit and a way of life it ceases to be work.

Do I cook a different meal for my husband?
I would not subject anyone to major dietary changes unless they were motivated personally. Yes, I’ll mix starches with proteins for Dennis, but I only eat one or the other with a side of vegetables.

Am I losing weight with these dietary changes?
Gluten free does not mean low calories. I can see where people may lose weight initially by simply steering clear of anything with gluten, but there can be more calories in the GF foods out there so read the labels! With food combining you can easily lose weight because you are eating healthier. As for me, I do not need to lose weight, so it is a challenge with all the dietary lifestyle changes I have made to maintain my weight.

Is it difficult for me to grocery shop?
Not really. I have never been one to eat prepared foods much. But there are a lot of things due to the gluten-free aspect I miss. I guess you could say I am still in the mourning phase.

Since I love to cook and bake, has this been a difficult transition?
Yes. The food combining can have its shortfalls but overall it is fairly easy to do. The gluten-free is another animal altogether. If I decide that GF is something I will do long term, I will eventually get into the recipe end of it and start finding good substitutes for the foods I love to cook and bake. For me, this is all part of character building. Over the years I have given up many foods I love, but I learn to move on and get over the loss.

What are the most important aspects of making lifestyle changes?
To know better is to do better AND never forget patience is a virtue! If I decide to step outside the boundaries I have set, once in awhile, it’s okay. Although, it is probably not a good idea to continually step outside those boundaries because then you forget you had boundaries in the first place.

"The truth of the matter is that there's nothing you can't accomplish if:
  • You clearly decide what it is that you're absolutely committed to achieving,
  • You're willing to take massive action,
  • You notice what's working or not, and
  • You continue your approach until you achieve what you want using whatever life gives you along the way."
Anthony Robbins

I am feeling better and am having no digestive issues as long as I watch what I eat. Other than the naturopath suggesting I try gluten free, these lifestyle changes are my attempts to correct an unhealthy imbalance. These are not changes any of my conventional doctors suggested. There is so much you can do on your own to take back your health⎯you are the person in control of your life and of what goes into your mouth⎯YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! You have no one else to blame. If I can make these changes, so can you my dears. I won’t tell you that it will be easy, but the benefits are worth it. Take back your life⎯you know you want to. Start small or jump right in⎯whatever works for you. The choice is yours. The question is⎯are you willing to take massive action?

© Copyright 2011 Michelle Clark