Thursday, March 1, 2012

March: I Intend to Give Myself Time

I will be adding to my year of intentional thinking by giving myself time throughout the month of March. As in previous months, I will begin my day with this intention. I know⎯who has time for THAT!

I can be just as guilty as the next person when it comes to giving myself time. I understand the importance of doing this on a regular basis because it helps me create a balance in my life, but I get caught up in the gotta-do-its and have-to-do-its just like everyone else. Before I know it, my calendar is full and I am not a very happy person. I start feeling like I am being pulled in all directions⎯and I’m the one doing it because I allowed it to happen!

I received a holiday card with the following anonymous ditty inserted:

A Thought For Your Days

  • Give yourself time!
  • Give yourself time to work; it is the price of your success.
  • Give yourself time to think; it is the source of your power.
  • Give yourself time to play; it is the secret of your youth.
  • Give yourself time to read; it is the foundation of your knowledge.
  • Give yourself time to be friendly; it is the door to happiness.
  • Give yourself time to pray; it is the way to heaven.
  • Give yourself time to love; it is the time which returns to yourself.
  • Give yourself time to be happy; it is music for your soul.

I’m going to review this list each morning and pick one of the above to work into my day. I think having a variety to choose from will be a fun exercise. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make an effort to include each of these things into our day on a regular basis?

Join me this month and create a little space for YOU by giving yourself time⎯start small with ten minutes a day and schedule it if you need to. I would guess by the end of March you will be giving yourself more than ten minutes. I know by the end of March, I will feel the invigoration of time to myself⎯rather than the overly scheduled, pulled in all directions kind of time.

Photo courtesy of Evil Erin