Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating to Live: Changing Course

Last year I began a journey that led me to explore food combining, gluten free (GF) and juicing in order to help my gut feel better while Crohn’s disease, or as I refer to it⎯Little Monster, reared its ugly head. For a time, all these dietary lifestyle changes seemed to work very well for me, smooth sailing⎯until the wind died and I needed to change course. After seven months, I was losing too much weight for my small frame (due to eating less starch) plus I began having the same digestive distress (cramping/constipation) I had prior to this dietary journey.

It all came down to this⎯current medication protocol and dietary changes were not working for me, and I could not afford to lose any more weight. The next step on the Crohn’s journey was a new medication protocol, and as my gastroenterologist put it, “Just EAT!” At this writing, the new meds seem to be working and I have indeed gained back the weight I lost.

As one does when sailing into new regions of life, I have continued to hold onto a few elements from last years dietary journey:
  • I add carrot juice and a handful of spinach to my morning smoothies⎯great for digestion.
  • I’ve cut down on the amount of starch I eat and sometimes choose to eat a starch that is gluten free.
  • I found the most amazing and healthful GF cranberry/orange muffins at my local grocer. After Googling recipes with similar ingredients, and many attempts at tweaking various recipes, I came up with my own wonderful version.
WARNING: the following muffins are very good for you and you may just find yourself craving them because they taste so incredible. Even if you don't know a jib from a jibe when it comes to sailing, we all must learn to change course from time to time. It's what we pick up along the way as we sail through life that is most important. Bon app├ętit!

Photo courtesy of martinak15