Sunday, April 1, 2012

April: I Intend to Unclutter My World

I will use the momentum I gained after last month’s intention of giving myself time to roll that intention into April. I will be giving myself time to unclutter my world in this year of intentional thinking.

An organized mindset allows my life to fall into place

Now that my spring fever is in full swing, I think it is a good time to clear out the old and allow the new to shine through. Like pulling weeds and debris off plants languishing underneath⎯allowing the new to shine through can be a metaphor for life, not just a garden task. That means getting rid of what I don’t need, and focusing on what I do need. I can think of a closet or two that will certainly get attention this month, but I also must consider clearing out anything toxic or negative from my mind, from my life. In other words, uncluttering my world includes the mental clutter taking up space and not just the things behind the closet door.

Disorganization is often driven by anxiety and fear.
 Paul Hammerness, MD

I think it is important to keep this concept simple. I understand the principal behind the uncluttering of my world, but it is easy to overlook the obvious and just keep the door closed. It is a constant process to keep on top of many things in life. I find it is okay to let things go from time to time until, that is, it is time to take control once again. This month that is just what I plan on doing, and I will remind myself of this each morning with, "I intend to unclutter my world."  I will embrace an organized mindset and allow my life to fall into place. How about you? Can you move beyond the anxiety and fear? Can you pull the weeds and debris off and allow the new to shine through?

Photo courtesy of Deb Collins