Monday, December 10, 2012

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Yesterday I was hanging wreaths on the fence posts around my front yard. I do this each year to celebrate the holidays and the winter season. Although they are artificial, they look quite real, particularly when snow is hanging from them. About ten years ago, bundled up like a child heading out to play in the cold, I was hanging wreaths and heard Christmas carols being sung in the distance. As my neighbor and her two young boys pulled into their driveway, they finished their song and rolled up the car windows.

I was quite taken by this little moment in time. Not only did it put a smile on my face, I, too, started singing holiday tunes as I finished decorating my fence. Since then, each year as I hang my wreaths, I think back to that day and begin singing and humming away. It never fails to make me smile. I cherish this flash of holiday spirit and carry it with me each time I glimpse the wreaths hanging from my fence throughout the winter.

We do ourselves a disfavor during the holiday season, when it gets so crazy-busy, to not notice the little things making up the moments of our lives. It seems those simple moments add up to so much more than the big complicated ones

Little snippets of life connect like garlands decorating our lives. How will you decorate your life this holiday season? Is it beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas?
Wreath photo courtesy of Clark family