Sunday, December 23, 2012

Special Occasions

We celebrate many things throughout the year: birthdays, anniversaries, various holidays and on and on. Each celebration denotes a special occasion for those of us doing the celebrating. Recently, I received a bag of holiday treats from my friend Ann. In large white lettering on each purple side, the bag seemed to be screaming, “Life is a special occasion!”

Ann’s goodies are always yummy and appreciated, but I was quite taken by the Hallmark, Inc., slogan on the bag. It made me smile and think, yes, yes it is. Life IS a special occasion. I now have the bag hanging from a doorknob inside my home to remind me of this very special message⎯just in case I get a bit caught up in whatever it is I am doing and forget.

While we mark our special occasions with celebrations, let us not forget to celebrate life. As I have noted on the bottom of the home page of this blog, “Each day is truly the best gift you can give yourself. Don’t waste it!” Celebrate each day because it IS a special occasion, and one you can share with others. Don’t wait for a bag to scream it at you.

Peace, love and light to you all this holiday season and every day.
Shruti celebrating Holi (Hindu festival of color) photo courtesy of Sukanto Debnath